For small and mid-sized OTAs

a turn-key Online Booking Tool

that increases revenue with smart technology investment.

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For small and mid-sized TMCs

a Corporate Booking Tool

with easy management and no technical skills required.

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For SME businesses

a Self Booking Tool

that reduces cost of business travel management.

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Versatile platform which meets the needs of small and mid-sized Online Travel Agencies, Travel Management Companies and Corporations.

  • Reduce overall cost of managing travel

    Increase your revenue opportunities with our turn-key solutions.
  • Optimize your investment in technology

    Access reach content with commissions and markups capabilities.
  • Receive first-rate customer support

    Avoid stress with easy and simple system configuration. Contact Us
Online Corporate Booking Tool

1 OBT for small and mid-sized OTAs

- Provide online travel reservations on your site.
- Increase your revenue opportunities with our turn-key solutions.
- Optimize your investment in technology .
- Improve your site visibility.
- Turn your travel site into a marketing tool.

2 Corporate booking tool for SME TMCs

- Avoid stress with easy and simple system configuration .
- Reduce overall cost of managing travel for your customers.
- On-board new customers fast and efficiently.
- Increase your agency productivity.
- Receive first-rate customer support.

3 Self booking tool for small and mid-sized businesses

- Reduce business travel management cost.
- Increase traveler's adoption.
- Optimize travel policies and cost control.
- Customize SBT to your corporate brand.
- Receive first-rate customer support.

OBT for OTAs
1 2
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Do you think any tool should be simple to use?

Of course you do! But that is not enough.
It should also be easy to manage.

You are looking for an online booking tool that has those qualities and also that is cost effective.

It does not mean that it is basic though.
It provides you with benefits you should expect and our engineers have managed to make it efficient.

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Can you count on our Customer support?

Our solutions have been designed with our Customers in mind.
We wanted to give you full autonomy to manage the whole system.

This allows you to quickly adapt the solution to you needs.
It also minimizes your usage cost.

And you should know that you will never be left alone.
We are here to help you whenever you need us.

We pride ourselves in our support because we know you do not have time to waste.

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