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  • The new partnership will enable travel agencies in the UK to access Evolvi’s array of train content via the Thomalex ResVoyage Online Platform.

    They will be able to access the new content in the coming months through Thomalex ResVoyage Leisure solution and, for corporate bookers, through Thomalex ResVoyage Corporate tool.

    Rastko Ilic, chief executive officer of Thomalex, said: “We’re confident that the partnership between Thomalex and Evolvi will bring a number of benefits to our travel agencies community.

    Thomalex’ technology combined with Evolvi’s train content means that travelers can search and book Evolvi’s content seamlessly within ResVoyage, ensuring the booking process is simple, and train trips can combine with other travel content such as hotels

    This is all part of our mission to provide customized and efficient booking tools to our small and mid-sized travel agencies customers.

    The announcement comes not long after Thomalex entered into new partnerships with hotel providers, HotelsPro and HotelBeds.

  • A lot has been said, and is still being said, about NDC––even that its name will soon change to “orders and offers.” No matter where those discussions lead, we at Thomalex are committed to NDC because we understand its benefits for the end-user: the airline passenger. And if it’s so beneficial to the airline passenger, travel agencies need to capitalize on its value.

    For us, the most important letter in the acronym is C––Capability. The capability for the traveler to get the most accurate and descriptive information on fares and services offered by the airline. That capability allows the buyer to specifically compare offers and choose the one most aligned to their needs. Do I want the cheapest fare with no services or the one that allows me to select the seat, gives me access to the lounge and on-board Wi-Fi but does not include baggage? Or do I want to have all options available to me and I just select the ones I want to shop for and ignore all the others?

    Travel agencies should be able to provide those choices and services to their customers––it is essential for their business activity and growth. At Thomalex, we have been involved in IATA NDC meetings and discussions and realize that this is obvious to the very large travel agencies and TMCs.

    But if you’re a small or mid-sized travel agency, is that obvious to you? How would you provide your customers the same capabilities that larger agencies are providing through their marketing and technology departments? Larger agencies have more resources than you, but that should not stop you from creating the same capabilities for your own customers.

    You may be inclined to employ a wait-and-see approach, but in this rapidly expanding business, that might not be the best mode of action. Of course, there are still many questions about NDC: what are GDS doing about it? How is it going to work with my back-office? What will be the overall cost for my travel agency? Am I taking risks doing it now? These are all pertinent questions that will yield answers. But the matter of fact is that today, as you read this, there are online travelers that are already booking through NDC channels and starting to see the full benefit––and that trend will only grow exponentially.

    Thomalex is committed to helping small and mid-size travel agencies benefit from the NDC revolution. Our ResVoyage travel platform is implementing NDC offers from American Airlines, British Airways, Iberia and Lufthansa, with more to come. Contact us if you would like to have an open discussion about NDC and the big C in it!

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