About thomalex
Thomalex focuses on travel technology solutions and services for small and mid-sized corporate customers

It all began in 2004, specializing in travel industry APIs and web services integrations. Thomalex provided interfaces to GDSs that allowed our customers to quickly and more efficiently build their travel applications.

With our extensive experience in travel technology, we were able to provide technology and consulting services to companies such as Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Amadeus, American Express and more.
Although we consulted with large firms, our development focus was on small and mid-sized (SME/SMB) customers who needed help with their technologies. This is where our passion lies; helping these businesses compete in the global travel market. With this passion at our core we moved on to build a simple and effective leisure booking engine to serve the needs of small and mid-sized travel agencies seeking to provide online booking capabilities to their customers through their web sites.

Building on the success of our SME/SMB customers, we were often approached by these customers to create a similar booking engine for corporate travel. This tool would again only focus on the needs of SME/SME corporate customers. Working with our customers and end-users, we have created Thomalex ResVoyage Corporate our online booking tool purpose built for small and mid-sized corporations.

ResVoyage Corporate launched in early 2017 with pilot customers, and then was adopted by TMCs in the USA, Canada, Chile, Israel; and is successfully distributed by a global company in Africa and Asia.
In late 2018 we started offering ResVoyage Corporate in the UK to Advantage Travel Partnership and WIN Global Travel Network agency members.

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