Access the largest travel inventory from Amadeus or Sabre or both

Global Distribution Systems

Maximize your air, hotel and car travel content

Are you looking to provide the largest travel content on your web site? With hundreds of airlines, thousands of hotels and dozens of car rental providers, GDS are your choice:

Our technology is certified with both Amadeus and Sabre so you can feel confident you have chosen the right partner to work with.

• If you are already using Amadeus or Sabre, or both, you can continue working with them through are technology with your own PCC or Office ID. Increase your volumes with online access to your GDS partition.

• For non-IATA agencies we can put you in contact with various consolidators we work with or you can use the one you already have a relationship with.

How does it work?

In order to access the Amadeus or Sabre content you will need to have a contract with them or an agreement with a consolidator.

You are already using a GDS and you have your own IATA number:

• We will connect you to your GDS through our web services license (you might need an addendum to your GDS agreement to add web services to your contract).
• You do not need the GDS web services license as you will be using the one that Thomalex already has.
• GDS might charge you some scan fees for using their web services through Thomalex, you should discuss it with your GDS Account Manager.

You are a non-IATA agency:

• If you already work with a consolidator, we can connect you to GDS web services through them.
• If you do not have a consolidator we can introduce you to few of them that work with us.
• You will need to have an agreement in place with the consolidator and we will provide you GDS content through their GDS PCC or Office ID.