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Thomalex achieved IATA Level 3 NDC certification!

At Thomalex we are striving to improve our services and provide our clients with the ability to work more efficiently, productively, and successfully, we’re happy to announce that we achieved IATA Level 3 NDC certification.

How NDC integration changes the travel industry?

NDC or a new distribution capability is a system of technology standards IATA (International Air Transport Association) created to allow distribution of airline’s content through various distribution channels. What’s more, NDC offers plenty of other benefits to travelers as well: opportunity travel agencies should use to increase their revenue. Some of the benefits of NDC integration include the ability to provide clients with more customized offers and a more innovative way of merchandising their services.

We’re proud we achieved NDC certification Level 3 status!

We’re proud we achieved NDC certification Level 3 status! IATA provides the only official industry certification program in support of the New Distribution Capability (NDC) standard, the NDC Certification Program. On 21 October 2019, Thomalex was granted “NDC Certification” Level 3 status, under the NDC Certification Program. This status recognizes that Thomalex uses Offer and Order management messages whose schemas are compliant with the standard NDC message schema, version 17.2.For more information about the scope of the NDC Certification Program and the different types of NDC messages, please see:

About Thomalex

Thomalex strives to help small to mid-sized travel agencies and enable them to increase their revenue by offering premium service to their clients. Thomalex Travel, a corporate self-booking tool Thomalex is especially proud of, aims to bring innovation and offer up-to-date services to its users. That’s why we’re proud we achieved this level of NDC certification. But we won’t stop there!