Go beyond CO2 reduction by contributing to sustainable projects around the world

With Thomalex Green, offset all of your travel carbon emissions and take environmental actions at the same time

Why we are doing it?

The carbon footprint humans leave behind has a profound effect on our planet. Rising temperatures, sea levels, and destroyed ecosystems are just a few among them.

The increased carbon footprint has a significant impact on human health too - causing a rise in the number of people suffering from hunger, a splurge of vector-borne diseases, and respiratory problems such as asthma and allergies.

Carbon offsetting your flights will help us preserve our health and the only home we have - the Earth, which is our main reason to make this program alive.

Our partnership with Climate Seed

ClimateSeed is a social cause-driven company that allows businesses to give back to the community by investing in socially and environmentally conscious projects.

Via their platform, they support the development of educational programs, help small sustainable project developers, and launch social and environmental initiatives.

One of the reasons we choose ClimateSeed as our partners is their commitment to transparency and fair pricing. Via their platform, project carriers set their own prices, while ClimateSeed charges a fixed fee to cover operational costs. Furthermore, they make sure every contribution to sustainability is safe and goes in the right hands.

How does it work?

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  • Mozambique

    A whopping 95 percent of the population in Mozambique uses low-energy efficiency cookstoves that are both costly and environmentally dangerous.

    Mozambique's project resulted in a distribution of over 5000 charcoal cookstoves to more than 3000 families. This allowed them to save 70 percent of their annual cost of charcoal supplies and avoided a total of 30,000 CO2eq emissions.

  • Peru

    The Cordillera Azul project in Peru focuses on sustainable cocoa and coffee production.

    It targets the deforestation drivers and tries to align sustainable economic development with environmental protection.
    The results of the Cordillera Azul project were beyond expectation - over 700 jobs were created, and more than 1,500,000 hectares of forest was saved.

  • Canada

    A project in Quebec, Canada, pools together a variety of sustainable projects in the community. Some of those projects include diverting industrial and commercial waste from landfills by composting or recycling as well as increasing the energy efficiency of buildings.

    As for the results - they speak for themselves! There were more than 70 projects that enabled around 30 million C02eq to be avoided.

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