A modern CBT unlike any other that helps you increase your revenue

Increase your efficiencies with this easy to manage and simple to configure CBT that will make your corporate customers happy.

Increase your revenue and keep cost down with its simple system configuration

Getting a new CBT should not increase the time required to manage travel for your customers. Its management should not decrease your revenue. In contrary, it should increase it. Boost your productivity with this modern and elegant tool.

  • Fast implementation of corporates

    You will spend little time launching your corporate customers live. It has been designed to set corporations on the spot so you can have them use your tool immediately.

  • No technical skills required

    You do not need to hire additional resources as no technical skills are required to optimize the system for your customers. This is a great saving to your organization.

  • Configure the tool yourself

    You can almost manage everything on your own. We are of course here to help you; however, you will mostly be able to do everything yourself.

Increase your productivity with a web-based dashboard

You do not have time for complexities, but you know that most of existing legacy systems are complex to manage. You wish it could be easier, simpler, faster. Managing corporates should not be a burden so our application offers stress free environment.

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  • Easily create corporations from template, literally in two clicks. Upload employees in seconds and they are ready to go, they can start booking their trips right away.

  • Painlessly manage their policies and configure their approval flows or allow corporates to do it themselves.

  • Set your own travel content with your markups and corporate codes. Optimize your revenue.

Easily manage traveler profiles

Regardless if corporates use it as a self-booking tool or you arrange travel for them, employees’ profiles are at the heart of the system. You can support your most demanding customers with profiles flexibility:

Employees can add their favorite loyalty programs to their profile so they can collect miles and points when they travel. This will dramatically increase the tool’s adoption.

You can define approval processes that are the same for all employees or different for each individual employee. That gives them great flexibility to manage different categories of employees.

• If profiles require additional fields, creating new ones is effortless. With Custom Fields module you can conveniently add various types of custom-made fields.

Create travel policies

Your corporate customers might require from several policies to very few, or maybe even none. You can manage have them create policies of their choice. You can even have an accept all policy by default where everything will be in policy (so no restriction is required):

Set travel policies by supplier, by dates, by origin destination and other parameters.

Create as many policies as needed and define pricing limits for each, including per flight cabin, hotel night and car rental periods.

Attach policies to trip reasons for greater control and flexibility. Policies for business travel might be different from policies for travel for a training. Give options to your corporates.

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Travel approval processes

Most of your corporate customers have some form of travel approval processes prior to issuing the tickets. You can provide them from simple approval process by one approval manage to multiple steps approval processes.

  • Approval Manager

    Approval by a manager: once traveler completes initial reservation, approval manager will be immediately notified and can approve or reject the request based on all booking data, policies, and various travel options available

  • Multi-level Approval

    You can set an alternate approval manager so when main approval manager does not take action in predefined time, alternate approval manager will be notified to take action. You can have up to 4 levels of approval managers for a request

  • Approval by Cost Center

    You can also define different approval managers based on different cost centers. Each cost center can have its approval flow so depending on employee’s cost center or selection of cost center, the right approval process can take place.

Travel coordination by travel arranger

Many corporations will either request your agency to book travel for them or, as an alternative, have an in-house travel agent that will make reservations based on employees’ requests.

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1 Travel Coordinator

As a travel agency you can easily manage traveler’s request through access to traveler’s profile. You can potentially add travel guests if authorized by corporation.

2 In-house Travel Arranger

A corporate in-house designated travel agent can also make reservations for travelers easily and system will apply same travel policies and approval process as when booked by employees themselves.

3 Automated Request Process

An automated integrated process can facilitate the request process without a need to send email or give phone calls to the travel coordinator.

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Provide specific fares and travel deals only available through NDC direct connects to airlines. Improve your travelers experience for repeat business.

Thomalex is IATA NDC Certified Level 3.

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You’ll never walk alone!

If you are a Liverpool fan, you know the song. If not, this is the chorus part:

"Walk on, walk on
With hope in your hearts
And you'll never walk alone
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This is our promise to you: you’ll never walk alone with your technology investment.

  • We pride ourselves with the focus on the support we provide to our customers.

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  • You will easily manage the application as it has been designed to allow you self-management for faster and more efficient daily operation and we will be there to help you if needed.

  • You will be able to contact us through an online ticket system that allows for fast turn around and follow up.